Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boerboel Breeders For real

We are South African Boerboel Breeders and we take it very seriously. Its not a joke to us and it is our passion. We say this so that when you are looking at our south african boerboel puppies for sale we want you to take our purpose just as seriously as we do. We expect you to be ready to care for your dog for the rest of its natural life. We hope that you are the type of person who is looking for the best nothing less. Because we have sought out what we believe to be the best most purest concentrates bloodlines known in the entire boerboel breed. We want you to look at many "South African boerboel Breeders" before you decide to shop with us. We want you to be sure that you have the time and energy to devote to our beloved dogs. Always remember that the dog only has you. While you have the world the dog has you and depends on you for everything including love affection and attention. We expect you to care for your new companion or guard dog like it is a beloved member of your family. as real deal Champion South African Beorboel Breeders many people are looking for us to provide them with a puppy. But we want only the very best owners for the puppies that we raise. We want the people who are devoted dog lovers. We want those who are ready to go above and beyond the call of duty for their animal. We expect you to be over protective for it is far better to have a over protective owner than one who is under protective which could be regarded as negligent that is unacceptable. Serious inquires only Contact Jordan @ 216-244-2088. We ship through out the world. Bringing you the best of the best. Because this truly is the dog lovers dog.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

South African Boerboels are living creatures not disposable objects

There is some things that I constantly reminded by people who call my phone looking for South African Boerboel puppies for sale. I get many people who call and wonder what kind of dogs these are what are they good for are they good for guarding. How would you describe the boerboels. These are what I typically here. So Let me spell it out for you all in black and white. South African Boerboel dogs are not for everyone. For one they are big strong and intelligent. One gentlemen said to me I once owned pit bulls and German Shepherds and rottweilers hoe do these dogs compare. Are they better or equal guard dogs to these dogs. I had to tell him that the South African Boerboel mastiff has the best qualities of all those dog breeds wrapped up into one giant athletic mastiff. This dogs is no joke and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. When you are talking about a South African boerboel you are talking about a dog who in Africa defends against some of the most dangerous wild animals in the world. These dogs have the ability to kill a person or small child. These dogs are not for every one. And with that being said my puppies are not for everyone. I think that as a Boerboel breeders we must remember it is our duty to protect the best interest of the breed. We do not want the majestic mastiff of South Africa to come under the same scrutiny that the pitbull American bulldogs Cane Corsos English Mastiffs presa Canaries English Bulldoggs and other Mollosser breeds face. I want to remind all of those interested in our puppies for sale that they are not like a dump truck that you just use then park when you are  finished. Our dogs are living creatures and deserve to be respected as such. We are looking for our new owners to take responsible dog ownership to another level and accept your Exotic puppy into your home as a family member.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dogs 101 Shipping

We ship our South African Boerboel Puppies to worldwide using an international airline. To all fifty of the lower 48 states Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Carolina Alaska Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Texas California Louisiana New Mexico Utah Colorado Maine New York Vermont Connecticut Maryland  North Carolina Virginia Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota Washington Florida Michigan Ohio West Virginia Georgia Minnesota  Oklahoma  Wisconsin Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wyoming Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania Illinois Montana Rhode Island  as well Hawaii and Alaska. Right Now we have South Boerboel puppies for sale from Exotic Candy and one of our Super producing stud dogs Exotic Congo. pedigree is full of the breeds most prolific producing studs and dams. These pups are the product of strict selection.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

South African Boerboel puppies for sale. Really?

These days the South African Boerboel breed not what I thought it would be when I first began my path as a south african Boerboel breeder. The breed is going down the same path as the Cane Corso. backyard breeders popping up everywhere. I saw some one had bred what looked to be a 75 pound "boerboel". I thought that boerboels were big strong and muscular at least the breeding dogs i select must be. Right now there are just too many people looking to cash in on the big beautiful mastiff from South Africa.

This post is for the novice boerboel buyer. Forr the person who is just looking for a dog to love and love them back. Every "boerboel" is not a boerboel. The quality of the puppies is in the parents and the parents before them. What we must remember with these dogs is that the gene poole was very limited from the onset. Witht that being said we do not have many different bloodlines to choose from. So as breeders we must choose wisely.Being a breeder means that your breeding dogs are carefully selected. not just bred because you have a dog and so an so has a female dog so lets make some puppies.

Quality does not just happen by chance it is actively and diligently pursued. Not forget this on your quest uin looking for the real deal SAB's.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well its that time again. and I figured what  better place then here to let my people know about the newest and latest from Exotic boerboels. Well we have started an entire new generation of breeding South African Boerboels. added a couple of new feature studs and choice females from some of the most sought after bloodlines in the world. Proving our combinations successes through their puppies achievements. Look out for us to do more Schutzhund AD produce more high quality show dogs. Upcoming breeding from Candy Colas. Stay Tuned

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today is Pluto's 4th birthday

Happy Birthday to my dog son friend Pluto. Today you have turned 4 years old. You are the father of over 100 puppies and the grandfather to who knows how many. You have made your mark on the boerboel breed if you never have another litter of puppies again. Thankyou Pluto
Aka Baden m57317

Friday, December 25, 2009

Marley and Me = Bear and Jordan

is it just me or is Marley and me one of the greatest movies of all time. This movie really touched me. 99.9% of the time I never get emotional about movies. Something about Marley and Me though brought up memories of Bear my first dog before I became a South African Boerboel Breeder. Marley even looked like Bear Bear had a little bit of retriever in him. His girlfriend Mable who still comes over looking for bear even though he has been dead for 2 years now was is also a retriever. So forgive me for getting a little mushy over Bear but he was a friend brother and probably the best dog that I have ever owned.

Bear was a symbol of our neighborhood. people still remember him. When we were kids Bear went everywhere with us. When we left and went in the streets bear followed. When we went to the park to play sports bear was there. Bear was the man. HE was so good he never even wore a leash in fact we would let bear out and he would walk himself. Some days he went for short walk just to use the bathroom and then there were days when he would not even come home. These were the days that we knew a local female was in heat and bear was probably spending the night at one of his bitches house. Some time we didn't see bear for 3 or 4 days but that was normal for certain times of the year. One of our neighbors even stopped us and told us that he caught bear breaking into his patio where his husky was in heat. Luckily she was in a cage. . Our neighbor told us that we would have to pay to replace the hole in his patio that bear had ruined and the next time he caught him any where near his home our dog was going to disappear. He was very upset.

One time Bear went to another neighbors house and was spending the night there when he was attacked by a pack of stray dogs one of them a 3 legged rottweiler. She called the apl to tell them that a pack of dogs had moved onto her yard and she needed them removed. They came out and took the dogs away all but bear. our neighbor walked bear down us with her dog and told us what had happened how bear took on the whole pack of dogs solo. She told us how bear was so sweet she did not even mind him humping her dog. When the animal catcher came she wanted all the dogs gone except bear. as she told me the story Bear mounted her dog and began humping like crazy then he stopped and could not move. He was stuck to the ladies dog. I later found out that bear had just had sex with her. I was just a kid then. The lady say oh god they are stuck get the water hose and wet them up thats how you get hem apart. didn't know then but the best thing to do is just let them do it on their own.

Another time Bear was stuck to yet another of our neighbors dog. This time it was my good friend digity's dog. Well because we were still kids it was actually his moms dog. She came outside and saw bear stuck to her dog and she was furious. She told me to get my dog off of her immediately or she was going to sue us. For some reason this time Bear did not get her pregnant.

The only time bear would stay away longer then 3-4 days is when he was in jail. Yep Bear was in jail 5 times. One time we got there just before he was executed. Yep they had bear on death row. and we got there just in time to save him. We had to bring a photo of him. They did not just take our word for it that bear was our they needed proof. And the got all the proof they needed when bear seen us. We were to happy to be reunited with him. and he was over joyed to see us. The people at the apl said that this was the most movement that they had saw from him
To be continued.......